Shoe Box

The Pro's and Con's of my key shoes this season.....

Slipper Shoe
PRO- Comfortable, affordable and makes wearing flats with an elegant dress very acceptable
CON- They aren't exactly 'hard wearing' or good 'snow shoes'

Flat Lace Up Boots
PRO- Easy to wear, great to grunge up your favourite pretty dress
CON- A nightmare when you are out shopping and you have numerous battles with pulling them off then lacing them all back up again.....hello hot sweats

High High Heels
PRO- Super sexy, adds length to the legs that you wish were longer and can make an outfit look more expensive
CON- If you have a tendency to enjoy 5 too many glasses of are sure to end up in the cobbles

PRO- A little less ordinary than Vans or Converse and come in a wide range of colours
CON- I cant think of one.... Get yours here Superga Store

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