What Makes Me Happy

These things make me happy. I am feeling nostalgic on this lovely Sunday evening.

So I've travelled, like many, to Australia. You often take for granted the things you see and the environment you are in. You become so consumed by it and forget to appreciate it. That's why I'll be going back....ASAP.

Note making and general card sending...I leave them EVERYWHERE. For my boyfriend (even though we live together) for my parents (because I miss them) for my best friend (even when we are having a glass of wine and putting the world to rights) and then there are the ones that I need simply so I don't loose my marbles.

SUSHI!!! Enough said. I could eat a truck load and bankrupt myself very quickly.

Live music. Aside from the backache I couldn't think of a better night out. This was Tame Impala @ London Roundhouse. Venue!

Who doesn't read vogue these days?
Bible. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy in anticipation of seasons ahead. Kind of like my boyfriend does.

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