Abigail Ahern

If you love design, you will love Abigail Ahern. I bought her book A Girl's Guide To Decorating last year and I haven't looked back since. I could browse through page upon page every day and let my creative mind run wild. Her introduction of grey walls and low shelves make a house a home and not just any home, an inspired living space you can be proud of. Abigail is featured in a current program in the UK called Get Your House In Order in which a team of both Abigail and a specialist international buyer/seller target hoarders, make them de-clutter and sell the hoarded stuff which then raises funds for Abigail to transform the house into a more luxurious, inspired living space. Genius.

Get her book here: A Girl's Guide To Decorating

Get her tips here: Ahern blog, tips, shop

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