Well hello there MIISTA!

Well hello there MIISTA

Based in Hackney, LDN, Miista is much more than a fashion forward footwear brand.
With its deliberate use of opposites to achieve an unusually elegant balance in the world of flats and heels so high you might feel drunk, every woman who dares to make such a beautiful statement needs a pair (or 3).
Miista are:
“Independent – against uniformity and imitation
Irreverent – breaking the rules without causing a riot
Curious – always looking…”

Miista is a brand you can draw so much inspiration from. I visit the website and am overcome with fashion envy. The customer service is second to none and not only do the wonderful people at Miista give us a heads up when the pair we long for are out of stock….they also tell you where else you can get a pair. Possibly the most helpful thing I have come across in a while!

If I had a blog wish…it would be to appear on the Miista blog roll. What a beautiful website packed full with interesting finds, news, fashion and overall CLASS. Don’t even get me started on the lovely, trend bitten team they have there because I’d have you here all day.

Follow Miista on Twitter @miistashoes. On Monday 9th July Miista lanuch CHEAPER WITH A TWEET this gives you (the shoes lovers) the opportunity to LOWER the price of your favourite shoes! Get ready to tweet, I'll be tweeting for QUIRINA TAN!

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