Why is ASOS own brand best?

Sometimes I think we are all guilty of not buying something because its 'unbranded'. I've been there and returned with a new attitude! Just after Christmas I was online sale shopping, as you do, when it suddenly dawned on me that all of the things I had chosen and nonchalantly added to my online basket, were in fact all ASOS own brand items. Honestly, the design team have got massive things to be proud of there, I am a total addict these days and I think you should be too! Affordable, cutting edge and not just another design from another high street brand, you know the one's I mean, when you find yourself at the bar standing next to a girl in the exact same dress. Excellent! Not so much.

Here are my choices from the latest edited items. Get to it!

What are your thoughts about ASOS own brand?

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