30 random facts about me

I have seen a lot of bloggers do this little feature and I'm so nosy so I have really enjoyed reading them! I thought you'd like to be a bit nosy too.

30 random facts about me.

1. My middle name is Dawn. Thank goodness my mum stepped in when she did or my dad would have had my first name as Dawn. Now I'm a Lindsey, I wouldn't suit Dawn!
2. I have a 2:1 Degree in Dance. I am in my final year of a Physiotherapy Degree. Hoping for a 2:1.
3. When I was a kid, I used to be the worlds biggest tomboy. Manchester City shirts and tracksuit bottoms were my 'go-to' items. I wish I knew that I loved fashion this much when I was 10.
4. I have been to America, Florida 9 times. I have travelled from Sydney to Cairns, Australia in a camper van. Except that was a bad idea because my boyfriend and I were too tall to sleep in it.
5. My nana is the double of the Queen. She often wears navy blue skirt suits and pearls for special occasions.
6. I can be somewhat irrational. Especially where relationships are concerned. I think it's because they are what matter most to me.
7. I watch a LOT of cricket. My boyfriend plays and we now have Sky sports. Brilliant.
8. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years in June. Hooray!
9. I hope I get a Physiotherapy job very soon after graduation but part of me wants to move to Shoreditch to  write and blog! Although this is somewhat of a pipe dream.
10. I can't wait to earn a proper salary so I cant afford to take my parents out for tea without even checking my bank balance.
11. I have a strong relationship with my iPhone. My life is on there and I wouldn't function very efficiently without it.
12. My best friend moved to Birmingham and I miss her incredibly. Every time I see her it makes me more sad to say goodbye to her again.
13. I'm quite sure I have some form of OCD with DIY and making our house look exactly the way I think it should. My most recent venture- upholstering our headboard! Living Etc Magazine has a lot to answer for!
14. I have panic attacks. Not the ones where people just get a little flustered and out of breath. The ones where you call an ambulance because you have no idea what is happening to you and you're sure you might die. They are pretty much under control these days.
15. I love old photographs from my childhood. Especially ones of me and my brother, Michael. He was a little fatty with white blonde hair- the cutest thing ever.
16. I can't cook. I really can't. I think it's because I'm bad with logistics & timing. I can't even bake.
17. I have a strained relationship with my fingernails. They have to be short and unpainted because of my profession but I long for beautifully painted nails!
18. I keep everything. I have drawers, boxes and files full of stuff I don't need, but MIGHT need one day.
19. I miss contemporary dance like a hole in the head, and when I watch performances I am reduced to tears!
20. I want to get married and have children. But not until I've seen more of the world and have lots of memories and photographs to pass onto them.
21. I love rap music. Mainly Jay-Z, Kanye West.
22. I used to have an unhealthy obsession with The Backstreet Boys and have a dance to each and every song.
23. I am worried about how I will be able to afford to buy my first house.
24. My tipple of choice is Sailor Jerry's and Coke.
25. I can't eat too much sugar or drink fizzy drinks after like 3pm or I won't sleep. I drink a LOT of camomile tea to combat this childlike problem!
26. I really, really love the countryside, especially Suffolk.
27. I once spent 3 weeks in 2 different hospitals to have an abscess drained from my neck. I have never been more poorly.
28. I absolutely will only wear gold jewellery, silver looks hideous on me. I wish it didn't.
29. My Grandad was 1/2 Swiss. I miss him terribly.
30. Sometimes I worry that I'm so unfit my heart might just stop! Agghhhh!

There are my 30 random facts!

I hope you enjoy reading them :)
Feel free to comment!

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  1. Love these posts, really enjoyed reading it :). Sounds horrible about the panic attack though - I'm glad you've got them a bit more under control but things like that are awful!. Your house and the DIY things sounds really nice, I'd love to see some pictures :)

    1. Thanks so much For taking the time to comment Emma :) I'm looking forward to reading your 30 facts post tomorrow :D xxx

  2. So nice to read all these facts! Love being nosy too :p Well done on point 14!! U can be super proud of yourself!!!

    Xoxo Marina

  3. Thanks so much Marina! As I was writing it I felt a little but nervous about writing that point! :D xxxx


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