6 Acre Kicks Festival round up

I was lucky enough to be asked to get involved with the 6 Acre Kicks festival team this weekend. Imagine this....a room (a pretty hot room) bursting with summer hip hop tunes, the most incredibly unique trainers you've ever seen, apparel that you wish you had known about forever ago and people with mega passion about sneakers and you're on your way to knowing how cool this event was. 

I have never watched so many pairs of feet in one day. I like a good shoe/trainer spot as much as the next girl, but I literally was almost crawling around on the floor trying to catch the coolest of kicks.

So here is my round up in snaps....
I'll just throw this one in there....I have a new nose piercing that I'm pretty fond of!

Here is a round up of my favourite sneaker spots of the day. I'm pretty much sold on the middle right pair, which were customised.

Now for some street style spots....

Indoor, underground lighting is never going to be blogger friendly!  
 Oliver Proudlock's brand, Serge DeNimes.
Make sure you follow these guys, there's more exciting stuff happening in the future so keep your eyes out.
Instagram @6acre_kicks
Twitter @6AcreKicks 

Are you a sneaker girl?
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