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I really wanted to write a post about some fashion photographers that I utterly admire. Photography is a talent that I wish I had, the perfectly captured catwalk shot or the wind howling through that model's hair as she walks on the beach for an editorial shot, are only moments I could dream of capturing. It's an art, a skill and I am so in awe of the people who do it so beautifully.

Here are some of my most favourite fashion photographs taken by some of the most iconic photographers.

Stefania Paparelli
 Milou Van Groesen 
Solve Sundsbo
Nick Knight OBE
Alexi Lubomirski

Nick Knight Photography notes:

The energy around his work is hard hitting. He uses the elements to influence his shoots and focusses on extreme poses to influence what can be said through his work. Think explosions and violence and you're halfway there!
He has an incredible sense of angles. He focusses on the garments and plays with poses that really show them off.
It's been said that 'Photoshop' is the wrong word, there are countless ways to edit your images. Look at the the history of his shoots and you will see an abundance of ways to make your image unique. 
If you want to shoot like Nick Knight start taking risks. Nick Knight is one of the most respected Fashion Photographers in the world. The guy has an OBE!
How important is a great photo to you and your blog?
Who do you admire?
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