The wonderful team over at Handpicked Media offered me the chance to work with and review a brand spanking new Bourjois mascara. 
To say I'm sceptical about mascara that promises to transform my own, stubby, awful excuses for eyelashes into lust worthy, long flutters, would be an understatement. After 1 application, and I mean 1...not 1 sitting and 6 lashing of the lashes were unrecognisable. The Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara is the one, the one I've been hunting for all of my mascara wearing life. I honestly couldn't recommend this mascara anymore if I tried. Obviously, this was a sample for me to try but as soon as I run out, I'll be buying it again.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take my advice to make your lashes incredible!
Have a great week.
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  1. I heard really mixed reviews on this mascara but I would like to try it!

  2. Great to consider when I run out of mascara!
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