The #Warehouse264VIP Experience

On Wednesday last week I basically felt like the luckiest little sod in the world. I was invited to Warehouse by their gorgeous PR team to have a VIP Experience in their new, incredible styling room at their 264 Oxford Street store. I wasn't entirely prepared for how much more obsessed with Warehouse I would become.....well, it happened and I only had to try on the 2 outfits I actually bought to realise. I was like a little hawk, picking out all the oversized tailoring I could find. However, not only did I stay away from monochrome...(note the very yellow jacket in the shots)I also chose a skirt. A very proud/girly moment for me! 

So I came away with a grey structured/bonded skirt paired with a beautifully thick high neck tee and the most incredible culotte jumpsuit as picked out for me by Lauren from fashion blog The Girl who Stole London perfectly matched with the yellow oversized jacket. To say I'm lucky is somewhat of an understatement. Warehouse made this day extra special because I was to attend The Guardian that same evening donning what the girls had let me choose. I'll tell you all about that in another post this week! It's all very exciting!

But for now, you can shop the incredible new season pieces I got at Warehouse

Thanks so much for reading.
Have a lovely week
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  1. Sounds amazing! You are very lucky :-) I love Warehouse. In fact, think I have a delivery arriving tomorrow with some lovely new clothes!

  2. It all looks so gorgeous! Warehouse have some amazing pieces x


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