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Lizzie from Shot From The Street. Not only is her blog full of beautifully tailored pieces and stunning photography, she's one of the loveliest people I've ever met. I lust after her outfits and always take tailoring inspo from her.
 Charissa from CharissaRae. Charissa is one of those girls that could make a bin bag look cool. No seriously...her style is incredible and I love her Instagram! This one is also a lovely one beyond the blog. Although I did think she was a Geordie at first...she's not! She's from Sunderland :)
Caroline from Burkatron. Well, Caroline's blog is all kinds of beautiful and a firm favourite of mine. It's got everything I love rolled into one stunning space. It's a lovely read and aesthetically incredible. I suggest you check her out.

I wanted to share with you the blogs that I just can't stop reading. I love this kind of post because this is what brings us all together in the blogging community. Spread the love.

Who are your favourites?

Have a lovely Sunday and thank you for reading
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