Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Earlier this year I was very fortunate to stay at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Design classic springs to mind as soon as you set foot into this wondrous place. 

What is it like?
Cool, laid back, indie and 'vibey' are the words I'd use to describe the Ace. I felt relaxed the minute I dragged my suitcase over the threshold. There's the coolest area for Macbook users to sit and connect/write/be generally creative in the reception area (although I'm quite sure 'reception area' isn't the coolest way to describe it). They even have a restaurant attached called 'Hoi Polloi' and my goodness, I had the breakfasts of all breakfasts there the next morning! Full on pancake mayhem! Oh, and a perfect coffee.

The Bedroom:
The bedroom was bursting with inspiring design hacks and the best of it was that you could purchase everything in the room if you so wished! Half of my room was dedicated to a sit and chill area compete with some coffee table books. So naturally, I sat with a brew and had a flick through the books. I slept under some incredible selvedge denim bedding (more comfortable than it sounds!) and sunk into a heavenly mattress. Obviously, the bedroom was en suite and the bathroom was super industrialised with heavy metal notes and off white tiles. 

Let's put it this way, If I could redesign my home, it would be based on the incredible interiors of the Ace Hotel.

I hope you enjoyed the review and make sure you check them out!
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  1. Ooh I've seen this hotel before & thought it looked so cool, I just need an excuse to stay in London now! :) Liv x

  2. Ah it was so cool!!!! I could eat that breakfast again now!!!

    Great post!



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