Blanket Scarf

Wrapping up warm is the aim of my game at the moment and thank goodness for the trend that is the blanket scarf! I picked up this checked beauty on ASOS for all of £18. Bargainous. The amazing team over at Duo Boots sent me out these absolutely incredible patent chelsea boots and I've not been out of them since. Ultimate AW staple piece for every wardrobe. I'm planing on wearing them again tomorrow with a structured skirt and oversized sweater. I pulled out my trusty oversized collar Zara shirt to dress down with my scarf and ripped skinnies- I've had this shirt for three years and still wear it so much! You can't beat a good white shirt. Also, I got a new piercing this week! It hurt but it was worth it. I'm getting a bit carried away on the earring front.

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Have a great week and thank you so much for reading
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  1. That scarf is just amazing, I love this! x

  2. Love the scarf, the colours are lovely

    Julia x

  3. Well don't you just look absolutely divine! Incred as usual missy x

  4. lovely scarf xx

  5. Arf, so sophisticated, missy! What a perfect blanket scarf!



  6. You look absolutely stunning Lindsey! So perfect! I want a blanket scarf now! :) x Laura

  7. Beautiful outfit! You look stunning!

  8. oh my goodness this outfit is perfect x

  9. You are wonderful! :) Amazing look, cool pics! :)

    I follow this blog. It's great! XX. :3

  10. I love the colour of that scarf, so punchy and just perfect for autumn! x
    Heroine In Heels


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