Sunday's with Desmond and Dempsey

Sunday is one of my favourite ever days. I love drifting through the day surrounded by books, coffee and most importantly being cocooned in beautiful pyjamas. Desmond and Dempsey were kind enough to send me out a pair of the most perfect pyjamas I have ever clapped my eyes on. 
The reason that I am head per heels in love with this brand, aside from the incredible comfort these pyjamas have brought to me, is because of the way it all happened for them. Molly and Joel lived on opposite sides of the world, one in the UK and one in Australia, and they met in Canada. They have always loved Sunday's and their favourite thing to do on Sunday's was Skype each other. When Molly moved to be with Joel she was forever wearing his shirts, and after a lot of coffee and jam spills they decided to take Joel's shirt and rework it into perfect "his for her" sleepwear. It's sexy tomboy at it's finest and I love it.

I'm wearing the Lola Signature Set

Happy Sunday and have an incredible week.
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  1. those pajamas look so comfy, love them ! also your mug is so cute x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. OMG they're more beautiful than you described! Beautiful images also babe! xx

  3. Love these jammies, great shots too look like a very comfy sunday


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