Brand: Uncivilised

Meet Uncivilised. A London born brand built with effortless style in mind. I went to visit Lisa and Fran at their minimal cool studio in Shoreditch last week, and my goodness, am I hooked! The girls welcomed us with prosecco, always a win....and we proceeded to buzz off their passion and love for the brand. They introduced us to the collection, which is thrown-on-amazing interspersed with strong denim and pieces that will transform the way you feel with minimal effort. The array of jersey is something to be reckoned with and quite frankly, I'm looking forward to cooler weather just so I can wrap up in these LA cool pieces. launches very soon but in the meantime you can follow them on Instagram @weareuncivilised 

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Have a wonderful week!
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  1. So glad you loved the brand and meeting the girls! xx



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