Friday Footwear: What's on my feet

Congratulations on making it to Friday! I can smell the weekend.

Most girls have a vice, for some it's watches, others it's handbags, and for me it's shoes. I'm never not looking for my next pair. I've just invested in some super designer ones this week, so I'll reveal all as soon as they arrive!
As a bit of a self confessed tom-boy, you'll notice a lot of flats and trainers here. This is for two reasons;
1. I love my denim
2. I'm almost 6ft tall so it's not often I feel happy in heels that make me 6ft 4

I wanted to put together a post for you that shows you the footwear I literally can't do without. These six pairs of shoes are my go-to picks over the last few months.

And here's where to get your hands on them, from the top:

Node Studio 'Nip' flats 
Comme des Garcons Play X Converse
Gucci horsebit loafers
adidas Stan Smith trainers
ASOS mules
Acne Studios Trainers

Thank you so much for reading and have the best weekend.
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1 comment

  1. I love all of these but the Gucci loafers make me skip a heartbeat. Such stunners!

    Creepers & Cupcakes


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