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So for those of you who are down and out 'girly girls' you probably won't be interested in my most recent adventure.... I travelled to Ireland by ferry on the back of my dad's motorbike. I can honestly say it was THE most non-glamorous thing I have ever done yet it was probably the most invigorating!
*No make-up (I tried, but taking my helmet on and off 50 times a day made it a pointless effort)
*Non acceptable condition of hair (again, serious helmet hair. I mean static and everything. Attractive, no so much)
*Falling asleep on the grass in the sun whilst dad watched the racing.
*The best nights sleep I will EVER have at the Drummond hotel in Ballykelly.
*The Irish countryside is unreal, I have never felt so relaxed. Whether you go by bike or by car, just go, it's beautiful.

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