Dior Skincare for the young whipper snapper

On 31st July I turn the grand middle age of 25. I took this forthcoming opportunity to visit the lovely Dior skincare team for a nervous (am I getting wrinkles??) skin consultation.
After much debate about how bad a condition I think my skin MUST be in, the verdict was simply this:

Do not spend ANY money on anti-ageing products until you are at least 27, you are throwing money away because the anti-ageing qualities simply do not work with young skin. Taa-daah!

So I ended up with a beautifully silky serum that fills in pores and at £48 its not too bad considering it will probably last you a good 6 months if you use it sparingly. 

What do you guys think about products for our age or younger/older and what do you use?

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