9th Annual beer festival

Last Friday the 9th Annual Beer Fest came upon us... here in Preston, UK there isn't an awful lot to get excited about. The Continental familiarly known as the 'Conti' outdid itself again and brought to us the widest array of beers (ones that could put hairs on your chest, male or female) and ciders. Its so refreshing to be able to go to such a big even in such a small town. Plus, people are COOL there. Like the 8th Annual Beer Fest- it rained and poured but that didn't stop the party, plus almost everyone was wearing one of those special 'beer jackets' but not me, I was wearing a 'cider jacket' and my goodness did I feel it the next morning.
Here are a few photos from the fest. You should check out this sort of thing in your local town!

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