Oxblood goth/glam

As autumn abruptly arrived, so did this wonderful key colour. I can't speak for you but I am so pleased it did! I am counting up the pieces that I've got so far and I'm not doing too bad! Aware that this colour is at risk of overkill, I think I'll hang back a while now that I feel I have 3 key pieces. Especially as one only cost me £1. Yes, you read right, £1. I can't get enough of glam goth- leather, smoky eyes, pasty faces (I'm trying hard to kick the fake tan) and lustrous lips.

from the top:
Blazer- M & S from The Red Cross Charity shop £1
White shirt- Won Hundred £40 sale
Black leather studded headband- ASOS £10
Patent bag- Jaeger £80 down form £280
Dome shaped jumper- TOPSHOP Boutique £30

Are you loving this trend?


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  1. LOVE this colour ! cant beleive that blazer was only £1 !

    1. It's so amazing isn't! I honestly couldn't believe it- I was stood there deciding wether it was a good find then I saw sense and realised it was £1 either way :D


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