My Autumn/Winter edits 2012

Firstly, my apologies for being a bad blogger.....University work has well and truly stolen my soul! But I am rebelling against the mountain of work I have to do so I can sit here, blog and read my new copy of Living etc Magazine.

So many trends emerged from this years fashion weeks all over the globe that I couldn't possibly choose one favourite or pull them all off.... So I've chosen a handful of my favourite trends for this season, courtesy of the Vogue edit magazine.

My favourite place to re-create these trends...Zara. Go here: Zara Woman

What are you wearing this season?
(Apart from a massive coat, hat, scarf and gloves if you live in the UK. Brrr).

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  1. I love all these trends as well... and I agree with you Zara is the best place to go for a twist on all the trends, I just need a much greater amount of money to buy a lot of their clothes though. I'm loving the black leather trend but being only 14 it looks rather odd so I'm rather liking burgundy leather, I've done a post on it here

    Hope your workload gets better...

    Chloe xo


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