Made in Shoreditch magazine

"Made in Shoreditch". Something most fashionably affluent people want to be able to say. Who in the cultural world of fashion/music/art says "Made in Stockport"? Nobody. I always remember the way Shoreditch makes me feel when I'm there, totally at home with not a flicker of judgement by its inhabitants.

Made in Shoreditch is a class online magazine filled up with the latest street style, events and new & exciting additions to the area. I suggest you head over here and subscribe to the newsletter.

Things that interest me in this, issue number 2....

Item 1. Cat Cafe, yes you read right. This cafe is set to open its doors to you lot! It is designed to be a place to unwind and relax, drink tea, eat cake and play with cats. Now if you're a cat person, you'll get it, if you're not, you won't. Easy. You have the option to buy different packages such as "pats, tea & cake" or for those of you who aren't allowed a cat or want one but can't commit to it, you could even sponsor a cat! Pretty cute/cool idea really.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Image taken from Made in Shoreditch

Item 2. street style. 

Says it all. Lets move to Shoreditch.


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  1. The street style pictures are amazing :)

  2. Oooo the magazine sounds awesome, definitely going to subscribe to the newsletter - thanks for sharing :). I'd love the Cat Emporium wouldn't be able to get me away haha I'm such a cat lady :P.

  3. Thanks for your nice words Lindsey! Send us your e-mail to and we will send you and invitation to the launch party of MIS. Regards, Giedrius

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment guys!It's an amazing up and coming magazine so make sure you subscribe! xx

    Giedrius, thank you very much. I have spoken to Thomas at MIS and I will be attending the launch party- very excited indeed!


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