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People classify *cool* as many things: fashion, music,  places to hang out- ordinarily I write about all of these things here on my blog. Of late, I seem to have developed somewhat of an obsession with re-arranging and re-decorating our house. Don't ask me where it came from (Living etc magazine has a LOT to answer for) because I'm not entirely sure. I'm finding interior design a very cool area to be getting interested in.

Our living room, a once Moroccan inspired, rush of colour has now been transformed into a luxurious sanctuary of dove grey and white with black accents. Boring to some (and believe me, I used to find it extremely boring) your home is the place that reflects you and should make you want to return to it every evening after work/university/college etc!

I picked up this Best Of British print from HomeSense for a mere £12.99, RRP £60 and it instantly set the tone of the room.

Abigail Ahern is my greatest inspiration....check out her blog and subscribe to Living etc magazine if you lust after a glass spiral staircase and some floor to ceiling windows.

Something to inspire you!

*An easy DIY tip: if you feel a little bit sad at the absence of your Christmas tree...use the Christmas tree lights (if they are white) and drape them around a picture on the wall, over the fireplace or around your TV stand. Cosy in an instant!


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