London Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 LFW the rise & rise of the strongest brands around. 
Matchstick, a unbelievably beautiful new contemporary fine jewellery brand. The idea is, it tells a story, a boy, girl, dog and heart who all come together to symbolise the most important things and people in life. Brilliant! My favourite pieces are pictured above but the range extends to bracelets too. How can you not want one just for the presentation box? All pieces come in rose, yellow & white gold and of course, diamonds.
Kate Sheridan, a designer so lovely, I could have stayed and chatted to her all day. That's before I go head over heels for her new collection. neon. Her new collection spans screen printed leather, British fabric and the finest Italian leather. No corners are cut and everything is finished perfectly. Whether you want a cool, edgy printed back pack or a chic colour block tote....Kate Sheridan will never ever disappoint. She complained that the photo wouldn't be good, but let's be honest, she looks a million $$$!
Jas.M.B., for those of you who read a recent post I did with my new black bonded leather satchel with a flash of neon pink in the strap, those guys are back with an absolutely flawless collection. Inspired by origami and made in more colour ways of leather than one human could imagine. I had my eye on the gold card holder. I can't wait until June!
Mawi, known for its statement pieces of jewellery and striking bags, they did not disappoint. My eyes did not know what to do with themselves, glitter, bling and big fat jewels. I couldn't get enough!

TOPSHOP NEWGEN what a space they had inside Somerset House! Not only I am super pleased with all my free designer badges (and sweets) the art on the wall was pretty special too. In the same area was the Media Centre, home to MAC & Toni&Guy who were dishing out updates for hair & make up. For fear of MAC taking my whole face off to start again, I steered well clear!

 So I did a little bit of street style, I didn't do a lot because if truth be told, I was too overwhelmed by my surroundings to chase the best dressed around Somerset House. Just a few snaps of things I could see! 

Some of these photos aren't going to come with a blurb, so to speak, mostly because at this point I was still overwhelmed and couldn't for the life of me tell you who on earth designed these collections. Blogger fail! Sorry!

Check out the magazine I write for, Made in Shoreditch, and watch out for my LFW article over at Made in Shoreditch

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