Vivienne Westwood & Pinafores with Sunday Best

I have been so excited to share this outfit post with you all. This jacket was a gift from Sunday Best boutique to say thank you for covering their Style & Shape night last month. It's the Safari jacket by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and I am utterly in love with it. It's my must-have buy for that summer throw on we all moan about needing! It's beautifully oversized and structured so well that it hangs in all the right places. I styled the jacket with my Fashion Union navy pinafore to bring out some of the vintage rose colour in the jacket, and my black sheer H&M shirt underneath. 
This outfit is a bit of splurge and save, the jacket is £489 and the pinafore is now £12 in the 50% off sale. I am a firm believer in our British heritage brands, and Westwood is certainly that. With her designs, I know I'll keep them forever and wear them again and again. It's an expensive piece, but the way you can integrate this piece into your wardrobe is endless.

Get your must have throw on jacket from Vivienne Westwood HERE
Get the understated Fashion Union pinafore HERE

What are your thoughts on splurge & save?
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  1. Adore the jacket! I'm the same as you, definitely would splurge if it was worth it as it will be something that will last for ages.
    Lucia's Loves

    1. Lucia! Thanks so much for commenting :) I totally agree....I haven't not worn the jacket yet! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Ah thanks Zoe, I literally am wearing it as much as I can without looking like I don't own any alternatives haha!Thank you for commenting xxx

  3. I love it!!!
    Love that jacket so much! & omg how gorgeous are you!!

    Hannah xoxo

    1. Hannah, that so sweet, thank you very much! :) you have made my day lovely. I'll head over to check out your blog. Thank you for taking the time to comment xxx

  4. I love that jacket! I think you'll get a lot of wear out of it :)! Great blog, I look forward to your next post

    Gabby x

  5. thankyou for your sweet comment! aww happy you like it <3
    I love how this jacket has girly flowers on it! super cute xxxx


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