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My goodness I've missed you! Exam's/getting a career together really do get in the way of your entire life. Well it's done, I am now a fully qualified Physiotherapist and my Lord, it's been tough, but so, so worth it.

I thought I'd do a bit of a catch up for you. With everything happening so quickly I haven't had time to separate my posts so you're getting a little catch up mixture instead!

You will have seen that last week I was asked to enter the Clarks #freeyourfeet Summer style competition. God knows how it happened but I'm super pleased to report that I came second! So that's a lovely £50 voucher on it's way to me. I've already seen the sandals I'm going to get with the voucher- you should look if you haven't already, the collection is class. Check them out here!

Yesterday I went shopping for the first time in months (thanks again exam hell). I've intended to buy some high top Converse for approximately 6 years, so I thought it about time to act on these intentions. I love them, so simple but look so chic!

I don't know how you feel about leather in the Summer, but seasons don't make me move any further away from what I love. I'll always find a way to incorporate my favourite pieces into my outfits! It was pretty breezy in Manchester yesterday so I got away with my old friends, the zip detailed leather skinnies. My mum has single handedly topped any jewellery collection I've ever seen.The gold tribal bracelet I'm wearing is another one of the pieces that my mum has had for years and has passed the baton to me for giving it the air time it deserves.

As I wandered through the beauty hall in House of Fraser yesterday, I was grabbed by the visuals on the Chanel counter. The pops of electric colour were enough to send me straight to the Chanel make-up artists chair to try out some new colours. Now, I am not a beauty blogger nor can I even achieve a smokey eye, but the Chanel beauty advisor showed me the way! I bought this incredible limited edition No 57 'Blue Note' electric blue mascara, and at first I was thinking 'am I going to look like the 80's have chewed me up and spit me out?' but then she showed me that the flashes of blue go over the top of the black mascara, and just on the tips of your lashes. It looks stunning and I'd recommend it as a summer must have!
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Finally, jewellery heavyweights My Flash Trash asked me to write a guest post on their blog. I was very excited and honoured indeed. They are now stocking their fabulous collection at 11 Boundary in Shoreditch so I wanted to write about the best of Shoreditch and things to make sure you do if you're heading there for the weekend. You can read all about it HERE on the My Flash Trash Blog

I think I'm about all caught up for now. I'll be back to post in a couple of days.And thank you for all of the lovely tweets of support during my exam's. I really needed them.
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  1. It sounds like you've been pretty busy! I love the Converse, I've been thinking about white ones for a little while now too!
    You have a lovely blog and a brand new follower,
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for stopping by....I have followed back. I love your blog!
      Go for it- get some new white converse! :)
      Lindsey xx


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