Summer styling

 It's Summer. Congratulations Britain, you've outdone your mega self and given the people a proper British Summer. As a blogger, it's my favourite time of year- I find it so much easier to decide what to wear, no layering, no trying to make chunky cable knits look feminine! You'll have seen from earlier posts that I'm pretty much living in my Zara skorts. They are my go-to 'bottoms' for a lot of outfits. To be honest, I'm head to toe in Zara here- I think I have a problem. I love chic tailoring, yet oversized pieces and Zara is the only store on the high street that can pull this off.
So my outfit is simply...Zara!

Oversized Jumper with neon detailing £22 sale
Skorts £24.99
Monochrome shoes (I need some new ones!) £39.99

Where are you fave high street stores and why?
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  1. Simply and beautiful, very nice :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and reading my blog :D xxx

  2. Love the skort and i adore your shoes!x

    - Jayne

    Electra Violet

    1. Thanks Jayne! The shoes are my go-to pair at the moment....I need some new ones! lovely to have you as a reader xxx


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