New Look: Exclusive Festival Fashion Vibes

We are well and truly into the Summer festival season. I don't know about you, but I look to my style icons for festival trends, then add my own style to that. 
New Look have made an incredible timeline that takes us through festival fashion trends from as far back as 1969, at Woodstock Festival. 

If you're trying to get festival ready this summer, New Look is the only guide you need. You can get so much inspiration from such an eclectic mix of trends. Don't just pack your floral headband this Summer...think outside the box.
Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

My favourite trend to emerge from festivals past and present is definitely a little more grunge than girl....I like clean lines and chic outfits as much as the next girl but, when I'm sweating in a field filled with thousands of people, I want to be comfortable and effortless. And by effortless, I mean, slouchy tee, cut off denim shorts and dry shampoo (for my newly coloured lilac noted hair).

Check out Reading Festival, 1992 for some inspiration on the timeline above.

What festivals have you got lined up?
What are your essential items?
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  1. I went to Leeds last year but I'm going to V this year! I'm not a girly 'flowers in my hair' type of person so my essentials will probably be slouchy dresses, wellies, my leather jacket and some sunnies. People have a tendency to try too hard at festivals but I'd rather keep it simple. Thanks for posting about the timeline by the way! xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading :) Ah I know exactly what you mean. It's seems pretty stressful trying to pack for a festival and I bet every girl out there buys a full new wardrobe for it! xxx


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