Winter Boots round up

Snow Boots vs. Wellies

The ever popular Wellington boot has been in fierce competition with the snow boot for some time. They both took centre stage after Kate Moss was spotted wearing her snow boots in the French Alps and Wellington boots for weekends at her local pub. The retailers and fashion magazines went crazy for this fashion craze, with fashionistas wearing them all year round.
The snow boot is not only supposed to be worn in torrential weather, but with denim hotpants and vest tops at Summer holiday homes abroad.
The Wellington boot is not only supposed to be worn in heavy rain conditions and complimented with an umbrella, but with skinny jeans and ray bans for long Summer walks.

But which boot to you prefer…? Here is what The Snow vs. The Wellie says about you;

The snow boot is designed for comfort and luxury in mind. Mostly made with sheepskin inner soles, and thick durable leather outer fabrics. They are best worn in very cold conditions, such as ski resorts and Winter holidays. The lady who wears the snow boot is the lady who also wears her stilettos in St Tropez.. fashion forward and wears her footwear with pride.

The Wellington boot is a firm favourite with festival go-ers looking to keep up with fashion trends but don’t mind getting their footwear caked in mud at Glastonbury. These ladies are rock chicks with style and carry wear the Wellington year after year mixing it up with bold prints and powerful colour palettes.
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  1. So sweet. Love your style, love your Boots. This Boots is help us when we walk on ice. This Boots so comfortable. Best work boots is so popular for this type of Boots.


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