Favourite 5's

I love snapping this kind of post because I love to look at everything in one place. I'm a sucker for styling and making things look perfect! 

This week I've been:

*Reading- Facehunter by Yvan Rodic. He snaps some of the best street style seen on the worlds streets.
*Wearing- Ahh, my beautiful leather Preen Edition jacket, there is nothing that this jacket can't do & it's a must-pack for London Fashion Week this season.
Rose gold chunky chain from Forvever 21. They have the largest selection of jewellery in Forever 21 that I think I've ever seen. The prices start from as little as £2.95 too. This class little buy only set me back £3.15!
OAKLEY Frogskins in all black. Now I like Ray-Ban as much as the next girl, but when the sun's out, so are hundreds of pairs of Ray-Bans. That's why I love my Frogskins, similar in shape but timeless in style. 
*Carrying- ZARA neon perspex clutch. £18 in the recent SS 13 sale, this little diamond comes in handy to brighten & update any outfit. I love black, so it's perfect to add a splash of colour to my outfits.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my favourite 5's this week!

What are your favourites this week?
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  1. Oh my gosh, I love the jacket and the neon clutch is gorgeous!



    1. Hey Ally! Ah thank you so much- I am soo in love with these pieces at the moment. My leather is always in use! xx

  2. I love the jacket and the clutch bag! I also love the way you've photographed all of the items!x

    Electra Violet

    1. Hey Jayne, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. My leather jacket was the best buy ever, I literally live in the thing! xx


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