London Fashion Week Day 3

*What I wore to London Fashion Week Day 3. 

I'd like to say 'understated' could be my middle name because I can't stand any fuss when it comes to clothes, so this monochrome inspired outfit couldn't have suited me more.
Of the many sleepless nights I had trying to put together my ideal LFW outfit, I'm pleased to say I didn't need to go on a wild spending spree to make it happen, as I already owned most items. Thank goodness!

*What I wore:

Statement gold earring- Clairce Price Thomas
Briads by the ever talented Heather Croston of
Oversized collar shirt- ZARA
Leather jacket- Preen
Leather pencil skirt- Vintage
Tall ankle boots- ZARA

What would your perfect LFW look be?

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  1. You look fab Lindsey! Was so lovely meeting you and Heather :)

    Sade x

    1. Ahh Sade, thanks so much lovely! It was so great to meet you too :) xx

  2. Your leather jacket is so beautiful!
    Lucia's Loves


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