Halloween Dream

So at this time every year I usually fret about what to do for Halloween. Do I bother getting all dressed up? or do I get the girls round for a Halloween themed cocktail party instead (and buy in some token treats). At the grand old age of 26, I feel pretty much past dressing up, so I'm going to get a Halloween themed cocktail party going instead.

Just because we're not dressing up in fancy dress, doesn't mean we can't make an effort to goth/punk it up with our outfits!

*What to wear....

From top left:

*What to drink....

I trawled the internet for a good Halloween cocktail menu and came across this fabulous one! easy to follow and so many to choose from, considering there are a few fussy girls within my friends....I think it will do the trick!

Are you going out or staying in this Halloween?
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