Aussie travel inspo

Recently, I have been somewhat pining after the Australian sunshine, lifestyle and all around good vibes. This post is just to give you a little insight as to what Aussie life is like, from my travelling experience. If you haven't yet experienced it, then you should! The first time we went, we travelled from Sydney to Cairn's mostly by camper van, stopping off in Hostel's along the way. The second time, my boyfriend went to play cricket in Melbourne so I went out to join him for a little while over Christmas & New Year. It's fair to say that I am absolutely dying to go back.

The food, fashion and vibes in Australia are something else entirely. It's laid back, it's cool and it's a ridiculously inspiring place to be.

Have you been? or are you planning to go? 

Stay tuned for the Australian brand edit

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  1. You definitely need to go Hun....wish I could! Xxx

  2. Lovely photos! I've never been to Australia, but photos make me wanna go!


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