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I hope you guys have had the most lovely time over Christmas! Sorry for my MIA state, I haven't blogged over Christmas as it's been packed with family and friend gatherings. I'm back now with lots to share!

Before Christmas I promised you an Australian brand here it is.


Sydney born directional footwear brand, SENSO, designs shoes that reflect an ease of fashion so understated you're left at the checkout with no less than 5 pairs in your basket. Believe me, I've been there. Senso have a strong presence and work hard to stay true to their roots. I love the way that Senso portray such a beautiful undercurrent of luxe in all their designs. They really are on top of their game.

photos: Senso, Pintrest, Elleuk.

Shop online HERE

You can find Senso on ASOS too

C A M E O the label

One of my favourite brands to date. Cameo is characterised by its directional, experimental and visionary designs. Cameo's use of heavy, structured tailoring contrasted by the beautifully soft touch fabrics really make it one of a kind. Cameo already has a growing following and is developing it's cult status around the world. You can catch Cameo on Whitney Port, Kim Kardashian, Aimee Song (Song of Style), Geri Hirsch (Because I'm Addicted) and Jennifer Grace (Native Fox).
photos: Fashionjournal, Something about that style, Cameo.

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Q U A Y E Y E W A R E 

Born on the festival circuit, Quay is fast becoming one of the hottest sunny brands around. Perfect for nonconformists and the freethinking amongst us. Quay can be found on some pretty sweet 'A-Listers' too...Cara being one example. 

photos: Quayeyeware

Shop online HERE

F I N D E R S K E E P E R S the label

 Beautiful style and timeless prints are what you can expect from this bubbling Aussie brand. Finders Keepers is made for "the girl who takes untold pleasure in styling her look from head to toe, being at the forefront of new trends and shining like a diamond in her sartorial choices".
photos: weheartit, delicatesqut, finders keepers.

Shop online HERE

I hope you enjoyed reading the Aussie brand focus and that you've found some new brands to love!

As I post this, I'm off to book my next adventure....Thailand.

Stay tuned for my Christmas posts filled with Stella McCartney & Moschino
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