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The start of the year brings many a resolution. The most popular being: get fit. I've followed Charli Cohen on Twitter for some time now and the girl is incredible. Impeccable taste in clothes and has now released her very own high end luxe sports wear range 'The Vis Collection'. 

Featured in February's Vogue and acclaimed to be a genius collection, I had to have a chat with Charli about the collection. 

L:  I know you've loved fashion for a long time and studied it at Kingston University London, did you always know you wanted to design sportswear?
C: I'd always planned to be a womenswear designer but my pursuits in the fitness industry were very much seperate. It wasn't until the first year of my BA, when I helped one of the final year students on a sport-luxe collection, that I realised sportswear design was the perfect consolidation of my two passions!

L: Your latest collection 'The Vis Collection' is both beautiful and eclectic. What was your inspiration for this?
C: The VIS Collection explores the movement patterns and anatomy of strength training - the garments are inspired by the inner toughness of the woman that wears them.
L: I read a feature about your collection in none other than Vogue....I bet that was so exciting! How did that happen?
C: It felt incredible to featured in the February issue! Vogue's wellbeing editor Calgary Avansino is a real front-woman for the wellness movement in the UK and she's always on the look out for what's new and upcoming. I was fortunate enough to connect with her and she's been a great support.
L: Do you think dressing well for workouts inspires women to work harder and maintain motivation? because you've certainly pushed me to get back into training!
C: In my experience, absolutely! First of all, buying a new piece of kit is definitely motivation to try it out (and thus to train). What we wear also gets us ‘into character’ – a suit can help us feel professional, heels can help us feel sexy, a cosy can hoodie help us relax – great workout-wear can help encourage a great workout.  Feeling good about ourselves is powerful and that power can definitely be translated physically into training harder and more effectively.

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Has Charli inspired you to get back to training?

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  1. Great post! It definitely inspired me to exercise more!



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