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Sliders. Dubbed the 'ugly' shoe for SS14. Well who cares because I'm absolutely sold on these babies! These are from Topshop and at £22, how can you not? I'm beyond excited for Summer to arrive and as I write this post I'm packing for a weekend in London where the forecast says it's 17 degrees! I can't tell you how ready for a break I am. The amazing girls are Boohoo sent me these incredible slouchy luxe pants from the Boohoo Boutique collection, and I have lived in them since they arrived. My top is good old Zara, sports luxe is the aim of the game, and I'm loving this slouchy basketball-esque vest. My lips are smothered in one of the most beautiful lipsticks I've ever used, NARS 'Heat Wave' and it is absolutely perfect.

*Shop my look:

Cream pants with wet look panel- Boohoo Boutique
Sliders- Topshop Sliders
Basketball top- Zara shop
Leather backpack- Another 8 shop
Silver Watch- Gown & Oars shop

I hope you're excited for Summer!

Thank you so much for reading, I really appriciate it!
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  1. you've been nominated https://elleellelle.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=PpxftUQBAAA.hfTUHYAvaqRk72DbKVGf0Q.YyU_sYk96Z9YV46p2lbU0A&postId=4297839220742600824&type=POST

  2. Love this! I'm definitely coming round to the 'ugly' sandals for summer, especially the ones you're wearing here!

    Hannah x

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! I am obsessed with them now :) get yourself some! xx


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