Firstly, sorry for my lack of posting over the weekend. I dropped my phone into a sink full of water on Friday, so my little iPhone was residing in a coffin full of rice for three days! Thankfully, by some kind of miracle, it's absolutely fine and working again.
*FYI- Putting your phone into a sealed container with dry rice for a few days,in an airing cupboard, really does save your iPhone if it has been dropped into water.

Most of my favourite outfits are clean, simple and casual. I feel most at home in slightly boy-ish notes and always love mixing in monochrome, one way or another! This is what I wore last Thursday when I went into Manchester for the Whistles A/W Press Day with Charlotte from LurchHoundLoves. It had been hammering it down all day so I tried to dress practical chic...if that is such a thing! Luckily, as soon as I hit Manchester the sun was shining. 

What I wore:
Trench coat- H&M
Leather gilet- Robert Rodriguez at TK Maxx
Striped tee- Whistles
Jeans- Missguided
Trainers- Adidas
Backpack- Another 8
Lips- MAC in 'Ruby Woo'

I hope you had a lovely weekend and have got a good week ahead of you.
Thank you so much for reading
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  1. Really truly love this look Linds! You do casual vibes like know one else! Bloody babe!

  2. Loving the trainers! You're rocking them <3

  3. I love your hair, I wish I could do that I just end up with a big mess

  4. Fab shots ;) hehe chic and effortless and in love with the stripes ✌ xx

  5. I love this look! Obsessed with my trench and Superstars right now x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Love this look! x

  7. Well put together simplicity, love the androgynous tone with a red pop of lip! Babe'n x

  8. You look so good! I wish I could wear trainers and look half as chic as you do! Glad to see you're a fellow ruby woo fan too. Best red ever x

  9. Love your layering! I wish Australia was cold enough to wear a trench! So glad I came across your blog lovely :)

  10. love this casual look, perfect mix of trainers with the trench coat!
    anna from styleskittle x

  11. ooh i picked up this jacket the other day and you've totally inspired me in picking what to wear with it!

    from helen at


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