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In two weeks it's my Birthday...and I have been lucky enough to be invited to attend The Guardian in London for the Visit California Awards in which I am nominated in the Fashion Blogger category to win a luxury California inspired treat! And maybe even win a 9 day luxury trip to Cali (if I were to be the luckiest blogger alive).

California is one of the places in the world that I'd love to visit, having visited lots of America on family holidays, it's one place I know would suit me and my lifestyle down to the ground. To be even given the opportunity to win such a trip is just mind blowing. If I won, I would probably be in a severe state of shock! America holds a strong place in my heart because of the precious time I've enjoyed there with family. I'm sure California would do the same.

My task for the awards? to come up with my 'dream big' idea. What do I dream of doing in Cali with an endless pot of $$$ and resources? 
My 'dream big' idea is something that I'm incredibly passionate about and would epitomise all of my big loves under one roof...I'd design and build the perfect hub on the beach that would encapsulate all of life's little luxuries and enable its guests to live life to its fullest.

The Lifestyle Retreat
A place for hard working, time lax people to come, stay, rest & play

Location: Laguna Beach. Iconic, awe inspring, and one of the world's most incredible beauty spots.
Exterior & Interior: Floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light and beauty from the beach to flood in. Focussed on minimal, calming palettes, and sleek surfaces.
Wellbeing Studio: A studio offering yoga, Pilates, massage and focussed Physiotherapy sessions, led by me. I want the to space to boast natural light, white walls with notes of beautiful vibrant green and windows overlooking the beach.
Nap Space: A place to unwind in the daylight, soak up some vitamin D whilst resting on body hugging day beds.
Sushi Bar: Cali's favourite oriental grub. Fresh sushi, hand rolled, every day. 
Rooftop Terrace & Pool: Does exactly what it says on the tin. A place to swim, bathe, sleep and dream. Drawing on inspiration in the form of serenity and luxury, surrounded by breathtaking views of Laguna Beach.
Beach Cinema: A breezy hub to choose and watch your all time favourite films. My choice? a real romantic classic like  Romeo & Juliet, complete with blankets and pillows.
Tech Room: The Lifestyle Retreat is designed to be a place to escape. However, if you do have the itch to start up an iPad or a Macbook, we've got you covered with our Apple only tech room. Minimal, clean, simple and lust worthy design. Free your mind!
Brand Showcase Space: A space for up and coming Cali fashion brands to showcase their work for current and future seasons. Guests would have the opportunity to loan/wear and pre order their favourite pieces.
I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into one of my biggest dreams. If this place were possible, I don't think I'd ever leave. I wanted to combine my love for life, style and beautiful things with my passion as a Physiotherapist so I felt that a lifestyle retreat which could offer serenity, luxury, many hands on treatments and focussed Physio sessions would be the perfect combination. 

I can't wait to head to the awards on the 30th July to sample some true Cali food & drink and meet some absolutely inspiring people!

Thanks so much for reading and wish me luck!
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  1. Congratulations!

  2. Good luck! Laguna beach is a beautiful place... Huntington Beach further up the coast is also a must-see. Smores + bonfire + beach + sunset = amazing!

  3. Congrats!!! Love everything about this post from the interior design to my fav part, the Brand showcase space an amazing idea. Good luck, I know you can do it :D


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