Pretty Little Thing are pushing my culotte and minimal style obsession way beyond a healthy point...I mean look at these pieces! There's not a chance I'll be out of these culottes now, ever.  The gorgeous Fiona sent me out a package that made my week incredibly exciting, inviting me to style the contents up on here for you guys. I had to confess to her that whilst I was sat choosing the pieces that I loved, I was tucking into the biggest Haagen Daaz cookies & cream ice cream you've ever seen- my idea of a great night in! I have loved PLT since their launch that I attended some years ago now, they take trend to the next level and make it purse friendly without cutting corners with the quality, which is a very difficult task, yet one that PLT manage seamlessly. 
I'm head to toe PLT here and this will now be one of my go-to outfits, honestly. I'm not a blogger who'd stick on an outfit JUST for a shoot, I will always wear it to death, and if I ever get something that I don't think will mesh well with the way I like to style clothes, I'll send it back. I'm still all over my Saint Laurent sunnies here too, as per usual, hoping the sun stays out long enough for it to be legitimate to be seen in sunglasses.

You can shop my entire look on the Pretty Little Thing website below:
Paradox Collection mesh insert sweat
Black culottes
White sliders
Saint Laurent sunglasses via Red Hot Sunglasses

Thank you so much for reading. Have an amazing weekend. I'll be in Ireland, with dad, on the back of his motorbike all weekend :)
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  1. gorgeous culottes linds :) good choice of jumper too, great minds! beaut pics xx

  2. So chic, just stunning x

  3. amazing look, I live for culottes atm! xx

  4. That jumper is lovely, love the cut outs!

    Julia x

  5. Oh love the cut-out detail of your jumper! Very chic x

    Raincheck for Timbuktu

  6. Your outfit is right up my street! I really need to try minimal styling, my current theme is more is more!

    Emma at

  7. your style is fab! love the trousers! xxx


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