Visit California Awards, The Guardian HQ

Get a brew and get comfortable, this is a long one.

Two weeks ago, I attended the Visit California Awards at The Guardian HQ. You know who Visit California are...these are the people behind all of those amazing adverts brimming with celebs, showing us how amazing our lives could be in LA!
To say we had an incredible evening would be somewhat of an understatement, and to say I can remember it all would be a lie! There was so much free alcohol! Anyway, I took my significant other along with me, David (this is the first time in 2 years that he has let me put him on my blog! result!). We were greeted with champagne mojito cocktails and entrees which included Virgin Mary's and chilli scollops. Soon after, we were shown into the event space which was set up into tables and our table was 'Palm Springs'. On each of our chairs was a goody bag, filled with Cali inspired goodness! There was even an Urban Decay palette and a Wildfox tee in mine- you can imagine my face.

Next came an introduction to the night by the lovely Director of PR at Visit California, Maddy. I think I want her job! Followed by a talk from a travel writer at The Guardian and come to think of it, I want her job too. She was so inspirational and honestly had us all in awe of her experiences. More food and drink passed round the room whilst we got the opportunity to chat and choose some californian inspired tunes to put on the iPad. Katy Perry 'California Girls' was played more than once...

Then came the awards. Full of champagne and buzzing to be there, I listened and clapped the winner of the Vlogging category. Then came Fashion, and I heard my name, just as David had decided to use the little boys room.... I definitely looked around the room to make sure there wasn't another Lindsey from Ropes of Holland, and as soon as I was sure there wasn't, I got up to receive my award. From here on out I was even more buzzy than I was pre-award and sunk some more champagne with David. 

I am so grateful to have been involved in such an inspiring campaign, and to win my category, which means I get to go to a 5* spa in London is just too much.

I hope I relived my night well enough for you to feel the buzz I felt! Thanks so much for all of your congratulations via Twitter and Instagram, it means a flipping lot.

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