Felder Felder SS15 London Fashion Week with Schwarzkopf

Day 1 at London Fashion Week this year was incredible. I was the luckiest blogger in the world and won the chance to watch the Felder Felder show from the FROW, stay at The Mayfair hotel, have my hair and make-up done by the Schwarzkopf team and finally, attend the Felder Felder after party- plus I got to take my close friend Luisa of A Stylish Something to enjoy every second with me.
 I felt like I was on some kind of life swapping documentary! It was honestly mental, but amazing. I don't think I stopped talking all day, I even struggled to sleep that night. 
The German born beauties that are Felder Felder put on a show that left me reeling. I was absolutely blown away by the contrasting silhouettes, layering and metallics teamed with all manner of cowboy boots. Not only was it beautiful to see on the catwalk, I could imagine myself wearing pretty much every piece as it was really ready-to-wear.  We popped backstage to see what was happening and we met Armin, head stylist for Schwarzkopf who was filming a tutorial for the catwalk hair. He is the quirky guy who took a selfie of us in the monochrome snap back, cool guy! 
From here we headed out for pizza with some gorgeously lovely bloggers who I'll link to properly in my next post. And finally, the after party. Hosted in the coolest little secluded location, dripping in class, flowers and beautiful people! We were so wiped out so we chucked a drink back and headed to the comfort of The Mayfair. 

PS. I spotted Laura Whitmore and Nina Nesbit on the FROW too so naturally, I ran across the runway, took a photo, ran back. 

I've got so much more to share with you! Thank you so much for reading.
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  1. Oooo the frow! That's amazing. The collection looks incredibly chic and wearable. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


  2. WOW THIS IS AMAZING! I'm so jealous!
    What a great event. It's basically my dream! haha
    Glad you enjoyed yourself :)



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