Adidas Spezial Exhibition

This week I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Adidas x SPEZIAL exhibition in Manchester. To say I've become fond of trainers would be putting it lightly. Adidas are my absolute favourite and for me, beat Nike every time. I've always felt such a lovely nostalgia about Adidas and I hope it will continue well into the eightieth century of my life!
The exhibition housed 650 pair of rare, vintage, deadstock, re-issues and collaboration styles. Including an amazing pair of Stans signed by the one and only Kate Moss. Curated by Gary Aspden to accompany an incredible documentary that features some absolute gems from the past that were preserved by a true character. 

Watch the little clip above, it's so interesting and I love it more because their all PROPER Northern. 

You can catch the exhibition on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter until Sunday 2nd November, and entry is free.

Have a great weekend. If ever there were a time for trainers, it's the weekend.
Thank you so much for reading
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  1. Amazing post Lindsey! Seriously wish I was home to catch this, looks SO awesome x

  2. Those leopard adidas trainers have to be mine! They are incredible x


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