NYC Planning and Bah Humbug

I hope as you're reading this you're stupendously full, tired and sat in your pyjamas feeling quite glad the festive period is nearing an end and/or dreading returning back to work as I am tomorrow. Oh, but I do hope you've had an incredible time in conjunction with the over eating/drinking. Sound happy don't I? This Christmas has been pretty different and also pretty tough. 
Anyway, I digress.

This post was supposed to kick me up the backside and make me feel positive and excited for my trip to NYC which is fast approaching.....25 days! Instead, I'm rambling, hungover and needy. Excellent. 
These shots are a few things that I'm starting to get over excited about. My Southern bestie bought me the best book in all of the land in prep for it "Fashion Insiders Guide to New York" and I can't put it down, if I lose this book, I'm doomed. Two things I'm 100% taking are this incredible faux fur ASOS White bomber (faux fur, not real fur. I've been hounded on Twitter for my faux fur already) and my Dr Martens that are the comfiest things to ever grace my feet. I've been lucky ducky enough to be given a stay at The Strand which just blows my mind, so I'll be popping a little Instagram diary up of my stay @ropesofholland

My God, the amount of prep that's going into packing is positively obscene and I'm absolutely sure I'm going to need at least 4 suitcases.

Have a gorgeous, cosy sunday evening and thanks so much for reading.

Whizz any NYC recommendations over to me!

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  1. That's so exciting! I'm going to New York in a few months, too. That book looks great xxx

    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

  2. so jealous of your trip coming up! hope you have the best time

    from helen at

  3. There are a million things to do in NYC.... but a couple of my highlights were Central Park (especially Bethesda Terrace)/Top of the Rock/Ferry to Staten Island (it's free & has amazing view of downtown Manhatten)/Brooklyn Bridge/Guggenheim Museum/The Highline/Grand Central station... As for food - Galanga on West 4th St do really good thai food, and Roberta's in Brooklyn is the place to go for pizza (although we waited almost two hours for a table!). I've a couple of NY photo diarys on the blog (just search 'New York'). Have an amazing time!

  4. Make sure you grab a bagel and walk the high line! Instagram fans dream hahah

    A Forte For Fashion



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