Double Denim

This was Friday. If ever there were a day for double denim. It's Friday. 
I'm having a real problem not wearing this denim shirt/dress from ASOS White. So much so that I can't bear to wash it, and one of the girls at work called me the ASOS White poster girl. Hilarious.

You can do double denim easily, no matter what your style is. It's very apparent that I look idiotic when I try to work the 70's trend, so this allows me to look like me (boyish) and still make double denim work for me. 

oh, and the ASOS White collection is just absolutely beautiful. Go!

Shop this super casual look:

Happy Monday y'all.
Make it a good one.

Thanks so much for reading
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  1. That shirt is so on point, you look fab Lindsey x

  2. love the shirt dress ! you look super gorgeous !

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  3. If I had that shirt I wouldn't have it off either! Completely understand your dilemma

  4. Love this, I always adore oversize denim shirts. This is such a beaut!
    Chambray & Curls

  5. Bloody love double denim! Looking gorge babes xx


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