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Oh hey Friday!
How the heck are you all? I hope you've got some gorgeous weekend plans ahead. I've got one of my besties coming to stay from back the North. I can't WAIT to hear her Northern accent! 

I wore this outfit this week for an event at work in Manchester. I made a pretty big error because as soon as we left London for Manchester, it started to throw it down. Oh joy!
Anyway, If it were socially accepted when working in fashion, to wear the same outfit twice in one week, I would have done with this one. It was an unintentional silk suit! Silky shorts, top and bomber. Voila! 

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Have a class day!
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  1. love the jacket, it's so nice ! what a gorgeous outfit as well, you look amazing x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. You look fab Lindsey, this outfit's just amazing! x

  3. Ah I just love every single thing about this outfit!


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