Trouva: Wood Wood x m.i.h. Jeans

Can you imagine a place that brings together the best 150 independent boutiques from across the UK and makes them super shoppable all in one place, online? I absolutely have to introduce you to I'm so excited about this collaboration that I may pop, so, sorry about that in advance. Trouva want to give us the opportunity to find design led, carefully handpicked items, allowing us to step away from a chain dominated market. And that's exactly what I look for when I'm shopping- I don't want to shop in a saturated market.

Trouva are, in a nutshell, an absolute online gem. Curating and working closely with their family of independent boutiques to bring us the best in homeware, womenswear, menswear and kidswear. I used the term ;family' in reference to the boutiques they have curated because when I met with Trouva their sense of partnership shone through and they made me feel so welcome, and kind of like I was being invited in to join the family!
The website is super sleek, cool and so easy to shop. Considering there are 150 boutiques to go at....I found exactly what I wanted with ease, and more (and I'm a fussy shopper).

Here I'm wearing a Wood Wood neoprene jumper in the most beautiful tan colour, which comes from the wonderful Finch boutique, based in Norwich.
Next up is my super comfy, perfect fit "Paris" jeans by m.i.h Jeans, from Our Daily Edit, an incredible boutique in Brighton.

Photos by the wonderful Comb.

I hope you head to Trouva to check them out, you really will fall in love!

There's a YouTube video from behind the scenes of the shoot coming on Sunday! Stay tuned, and thank you so much for reading, as always.
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  1. Lindsey, you've nailed this look. Really digging everything you're wearing and that jumper is something else. J

  2. the second photo of you is SO cute!! love this look, definitely going to check our Trouva :)


  3. Ahh I saw this Wood Wood sweatshirt on the Finch Instagram, love it!

    Tilly x

  4. I'm definitely going to check this site out. Sounds super intriguing. Love your Wood Wood sweatshirt, I always admire their pieces in Finch!

    Rachel |

  5. Loving this outfit! Just so so chic yet cool x


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