Go-to Summer shirt with Weekday

Hello! Just a short Sunday post from me today because life is mental!
I bought this shirt around a month ago, and when I put it on I felt all kinds of romantic cool. A mega change from my usual clean cut shirt style but I LOVE it. I've styled it here with my trusty ASOS high waist, straight leg jeans and sandals from Mango, which, look incredible but absolutely crucify my feet. I can wear them for up to an hour before they seek some kind of revenge on my toes. 

The bag is by Manu Atelier and is absolutely my favourite (still). I love the boxy shape and the khaki tones that just seem to go with my entire Summer wardrobe. I say Summer lightly because WHERE is Summer?

Shop my look here:

I hope you've had the best weekend so far, and thank you so much for reading.
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  1. This is lovely Lindsey, you look gorgeous x


  2. Adore the sandals and the top is so lovely and gives me all the boho vibes!

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