A few nights in Suffolk

I know what you're thinking- why on earth haven't you gone to Ibiza like everyone else on the planet? (I ask myself the same question. Daily.)

Reason one- we are skint. (I am a student you know)

Reason two- there isn't really a second reason because Reason one is reason enough!

Anyway, we had an absolutely amazing time plus we had Ibiza type weather and our iPod dock! There is so much beauty in Suffolk it's untrue. Our cottage was the most quaint & peaceful place we have ever been. We ate at amazing places, sampled the best seafood we'll probably ever have and slept like babies the whole trip! In case you're not sold on Suffolk, here's a few photos to get you started. Oh and Suffolk is home to many, many beautiful independent boutiques and second hand stores!

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  1. Ahhh it looks lovely! Glad you had a nice time away, plus the weather has been gorgeous lately! x

    1. It was just so pretty and peaceful- I wasn't ready to come
      home! :) I would recommend it as a retreat type getaway! X


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