Tan's the word

The nights are drawing in, the rain has come and I feel like we have lost the battle to Autumn. Over the years I have tried and tested many a fake tan (I'm too scared to use sunbeds! they are bad!) my most recent purchase has been the wonderful, St Moritz.... its £2.60, yes £2.60. Overseas visitors...get it online! The one I use is a mousse and is coloured so you can see exactly where it is going (no sneaky missed patches). You need to apply it with a good tanning mitt (in the UK, Boots Soltan one is great) It has an instant effect but also lasts the same way a 3/4 day developing tan would. It is a beautiful golden colour and doesn't smell like biscuits or leave those undesirable streaks! I'm of quite a fair complexion and use the 'dark' one and it turns out a great colour.

Go forth and tan!


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  1. Ooh I saw this in TK Maxx I'll give it a go xx

  2. It's amazing! I think home bargains do it now too. Such a steal! Xxx


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