Miista Power

Apologies for being a truly neglectful blogger girl- University stresses are at an all time high! I keep telling myself  "5 more months, 5 more months".

One brand that cheers me up no end is Miista. They are one of the most pivotal brands to surface, ever. Based in LDN, Hackney, Miista shoes ooze creative elegance and are fast becoming one of the most coveted brands around..... Who else do you know that makes their footwear 'Cheaper With A Tweet' on Twitter, knocks up to 60% off just for Black Friday and post endless inspiring collages & mood boards? Their blog at Miista.com is also a force to be reckoned with, think wild/beautiful/elegant/eye-catching/goddesses. From street style to sample sales!

Season must haves need to be chic, statement but also winter friendly.....here are my favourites. Get inspired!

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